Next Limit Technologies

Next Limit (NL) is a Spanish company founded in 1998 by Victor Gonzalez and Ignacio Vargas. The headquarters are located in Madrid. The mission of the company is to provide cutting edge physical simulation technologies as software tools for a broad range of applications in Computer Graphics, Science and Engineering. NL boasts a young, multidisciplinary team of nearly 40 persons with expertise in physics, mathematics, computer graphics, engineering and visualization. They all share a common vision for the creation of new products that connect science, simulation and visualization using novel paradigms and innovative methodologies. NL's products include "RealFlow" first tool in the market for creating dramatic, accurate and realistic fluid simulation effects in the visual effects market (notably in feature films and television commercials). The company was awarded in 2008 with a Technical Achievement Award, commonly known as the "Technical Oscar" by AMPAS (USA). NL is also specialized in state-of-the-art rendering technology based on the physical equations governing light transport. This approach enables users to digitally create highly accurate and believable images of the real world. This methodology produces incredibly realistic illumination without resorting to the tricks and approximations used by many current industry standard renderers. NL's research and development continues to explore and improve simulation techniques, advanced mathematical models and programming methodologies. Projects are emerging in the area of fluid and particle simulation for engineering and new rendering technologies for advanced lighting simulation. The company has been also awarded with two European IST prizes (Information Society of Technology) in 2006 for their contributions in advanced software technology in the fields of fluid simulation and photorealistic rendering.

Role in SkyCoat

Next Limit will provide a powerful accurate rendering platform able to simulate SkyCoat lighting systems and the resulting architectural ambient illumination. For this project Next Limit will provide the work of his main development team composed of computer programmers and software engineers.


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Next Limit Technologies

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