SkyCoat will develop a ground-breaking technology, aimed at recreating in the underground the experience of the natural light. The project will produce new materials and new lighting systems and will create new architectural concepts and ideas, which enhance the potential of the SkyCoat materials and lighting systems, both in hypogeal (underground) spaces and in current buildings.


To demonstrate the potential of the developed materials, SkyCoat will produce three projects and demonstration environments:

1. A dissemination installation in one metro Metro Station in Milan;

2. A demonstrator in a blind penthouse/apartment in Lithuania;

3. A demonstrator on one skyscraper's façade in Lithuania.

The SkyCoat project will address existing standards and propose extensions to such standards for lighting systems, to cope with the new characteristics and beneficial effects on human well-being brought in by SkyCoat technologies.

Such beneficial effects on wellness will be assessed through specific studies conducted on a panel of independent volunteers enrolled specifically for the project.