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  1. CARIPLO Foundation, 2010-2012: Nanocrystals of technological and biomedical relevance: structural and functional aspects. Project No. 2009-2443 300.000 Euros.

  2. CARIPLO Foundation, 2012-2014: Metal-Organic-based Nanoparticle Arrays with Large Induced Shape Anisotropy (MONA LISA).  Project No. 2011-0289 400.000 Euros

  3. UNIVERSITY OF INSUBRIA, 2012: Start-up of the To.Sca.Lab initiative.  35.000 Euros.

  4. MARIE CURIE TALENT HUB (co-funded by Junta de Andalucía and European Union's FP7), 2015-2017: Citrate-driven Collagen Biomineralization: Relevance for Bone Formation/Resorption Mechanism and Bioinspired Meterials Design (BioBone). 150,000 Euros.

  5. CARIPLO Foundation, 2017-2019: Romancing the stone: size controlled HYdroxyaPATItes for sustainable Agriculture (HYPATIA). Project No. 2016-0648. 280.000 Euros.

  6. MIUR: PRIN 2017 Project, 2019-2022, HY-TEC. Hybrid ThermoElectric Composites: Proof-of-concepts for low-T, n-type and flexible thermoelectrics. 436.720 Euros.
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