Expected final results and potential impacts

The expected final results of SkyCoat are:

  1. new materials usable for lighting and architecture
  2. innovative Lighting Technologies and systems, able to reproduce the natural light
  3. new architectural projects for
    • underground spaces: one metro line; one metro station
    • interiors for private and public use: one apartment
    • exteriors: a skyscraper façade
  4. three demonstrators of the architectural projects
  5. a new software tool for rendering and technology development.


These results will open new unforeseen possibilities in architecture, construction and urban planning, as well as in light design, so contributing to the creation of new skills, new products and new jobs. The project will start a virtuous cycle where new ideas generate new business.

The project will also provide a proof of concept of the impact on comfort and well-being of SkyCoat lighting systems, so opening new application fields:

  • healthcare. the effects of natural light have proven efficacy on some diseases (depression, SAD)
  • working environments: natural lighting enhances motivation and productivity
  • residential in Countries where geographic or weather conditions oblige living in situations of light deprivation or lack of natural light
  • public spaces such as underground or railway stations where SkyCoat lighting may increase the perception of safety, especially during night hours
  • etc.

The economic and social impacts derived from the adoption of SkyCoat Technologies in the above situations will be measured.