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SALCHI METALCOAT, today the first Italian independent manufacturer of coatings and inks for metal packaging and coil and among the first in Europe, offers a wide range of coil-coating paints both for exterior and interior uses. The production range comprises Primers, Top-coats and back coatings. Their chemical nature is including, Polyesters from conventional to superdurable, Polyurethanes, Fluorine based, epoxies, Polyurethane/polyamides, Polyester/Polyamides. All of them both as pigmented or as clear coating.

The wide range of resins formulated in Salchi Metalcoat Srl laboratories or offered by the market, enables to satisfy almost all the requests of the coil coating market both in terms of physical-chemical properties and in terms of a lot of different surface appearances. State-of-art machinery and laboratories equipped with the best instruments for the control of color, mechanical properties of paints and their behaviour in accelerated weathering tests or in corrosion resistance tests enable Salchi to start from laboratory samples and to make all the scale up necessary to reach a reliable commercial formula of a new product.

Salchi Metalcoat Srl counts today 91 employees, 8 of them dedicated to quality control and 21 operating in the R&D laboratories.

Role in SkyCoat

SALCHI will develop SkyCoat materials for use in exteriors and interiors.


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