ODL Srl designs and manufactures optical thin film coatings in the near ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectral regions. In 2009 the company bought the business of ODL SpA taking charge of the production facilities as well as all the staff, including the founding members who, since 1987, work in the field of thin film processing. Founded with the aim of developing processes and products for scientific and research laboratory, ODL is now a company oriented to the industry, more and more interested in the optical coatings. On a surface of more than 2000 square meters ODL counts today more than 40 employees in the Brembate di Sopra (Italy) facility. From 2006 a new production unit has been set up in China (Guangzhou). The product range includes antireflection coatings for industrial optical systems, dichroic filters, anti-UV and anti-IR filters, corrective filters to modify the lighting source emission, cold mirrors and other customized coating for specific application in the mentioned spectral region. The main application fields which ODL attends with professionalism and innovation are: entertainment industry, railway and airport signals, architectural lighting, medical systems, solar energy and photovoltaic industrial optics

Role in SkyCoat

ODL Srl will be responsible in design and development of optical coatings to increase the efficiency of the components involved in the transmission and/or diffusion of the light and will cooperate in the definition of optical material, component and device characterization.


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