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Metropolitana Milanese Spa (MM) is a Joint Stock Engineering Company entirely controlled by the Municipality of Milan. Founded in 1955 to design and build the Milan Metro, it is now the leading Italian Company in civil and plant engineering sectors for urban and extra-urban railway networks. Over the years MM has broadened its field of interest and diversified its work and market areas, applying its know-how to other important towns, both in Italy and abroad. The Company offers in fact engineering services related to traffic and mobility planning, parking areas (on surface or underground) and park-and-ride facilities, land use and urban renewals plans, architecture and restructuring of town areas, special buildings and structures, environment (air and water treatment and noise and air pollution monitoring and abatement). In its specialist areas, MM provides services which cover the entire design process from general surveys and studies to preliminary, detailed and executive designs. It also provides the following services: general contracting, contract and construction site management, engineering, project financing; MM has been providing these services and know-how for the last forty years and in addition it makes them available to other bodies and Public Administrations.
MM SpA operates with a total of 740 units of which about 240 employees (December 2010) operating in the Engineering sector. In Milan MM has built the entire Metro System on a "turn-key" basis and so far this comprises three underground lines with a total length of over 75 km and 88 stations. Furthermore, MM has completed the engineering activities for the first section of the Milan Urban Railway Connection running underground 10 km with 7 stations and also in Naples the first section of the metro line 1, with a total length of 13 km with 15 stations. The Company participates to many national and international projects (Naples, Turin, Rome, Alexandria of Egypt, Porto, Copenhagen, Manila, Thessaloniki).

Role in SkyCoat

In SkyCoat MM will lead the dissemination activities and in particular will contribute to the realization of the underground dissemination space in the frame of the Milan Metro lines new developments. MM will also develop a project (concept and designs) for a new subway line illuminated by SkyCoat technologies.


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