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Lechler (LCH) is a European well known Italian Company operating in the international coatings market since 1858. Almost 450 people work at the Italian Headquarter, at the two production sites of Como and Perugia, and in the other four European centres in Manchester, Grenoble, Barcelona and Kassel. Lechler attaches a great importance to quality standard and to product technological updating. UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Certification is adopted in all the planning manufacturing and trading activities. Lechler offers a wide and well-known range of specialised products and services for Industry, Refinish, Decorative and Yachting, which are identified by the four brands of the group. A community of 50 chemists works in the well-framed Lechler R&D Department. The work is structured in long term activities (Research and Project group) and medium and short term ones, concerning waterborne, high & medium solid, and UV systems dedicated to the four brands. The focus of the work activities is directed to find innovative, smart and very low impact technological solutions, in particular in the field of waterborne and high solid technologies, where Lechler has achieved a significant experience. Lechler Tech for Industry is the Lechler project studied for the industrial field: it has been created for all the companies which want to add competitive value to their product in the market, through their manufactures painting both in terms of aesthetic and in terms of resistance and lasting, with a continuous research of new solutions.

Role in SkyCoat

Lechler will lead the industrial scale-up process of SkyCoat materials. Being an industrial partner, LCH will also actively contribute to the exploitation of results, and will act as the SkyCoat paint industrial producer in future business development.


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Lechler Spa

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