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CoeLux Srl (COE) was founded in March 2009 by Prof. Paolo Di Trapani and his students as an academic spin off of University of Insubria. Despite being a young academic spin-off, COE has been performing a fast growth of know-how in its life, in the fields of innovative nano-structured materials, sophisticated optical layouts, luminaire design and visual comfort engineering aimed at the market of lighting technologies. COE devotes a large part of its activity to the relationship between visual comfort in artificial illumination and natural daylight, as evidenced by its major role in the FP7 EC funded project "CoeLux" (started in 2011, ended Nov. 2012). COE is the owner of the science and art performance "di luce in luce", its founding mission being to transform educational product in an high-tech business breakthrough. Its staff competences cover chemistry, physics, optics, light design, modeling, furniture design, architecture, and business fields.

Role in SkyCoat

COE is expected to play a strategic role in the project. In fact, it has in house the capacity of merging different languages, and so assist the various partners talk to each other in spite they belong to very different contexts. It will coordinate two workpackages, where it will be in charge of defining the requested optical, chemical and perception characteristics, and will closely follow and validate each step up to functional sample realization. It will be in charge of producing the functional samples of luminaires, and will work in close collaboration with other teams to develop the 3 architectural solutions. It will coordinate the work on IPR and market impact.


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CoeLux Srl

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.