Bartenbach GmbH

Bartenbach (BB) is a leading international lighting consultant and R&D provider in day- and artificial lighting. It incorporates a planning department (43 architects, designers, engineers and technicians), a R&D department (15 physicists, mathematicians, engineers, psychologists), and the connected Lighting Academy (a branch of the University of Innsbruck) for postgraduate education in Lighting. BB is well known for its studies on visual perception and physiopsychological (non visual) effects of light, and on light & health: scientific test methods were developed to study the interrelation between light and visual performance, well-being, arousal and health. BB is engaged in the development and optical design of lighting systems for industrial enterprises, photometric measurements and analysis, lighting laboratory studies and artificial sky studies for model measurements, the development of calculation and measuring methods, the development of simulation tools (computer programs, models), lighting fundamentals and building physics (in connection with day-lighting, sun shading, etc.). This knowledge and the highly skilled technical and scientific employees allow the company to resolve highly complex lighting and building design tasks. BB is and was involved in several EU funded projects and has experience with the co-ordination and leading of multidisciplinary teams and partners of different trades. BB is also engaged in the national socalled ‘Kompetenzzentrum Licht’ as the main R&D-provider. BB's scientific work has found its way into more than 100 patents.

Role in SkyCoat

BB will study the existing standards for what concerns illumination, comfort standards and physio-psychological (non visual) effects and users perception. Finally tests on comfort and users perception will be performed in reconstructed environments with SkyCoat and traditional lighting, with the participation of MDs and psychologists as well as physicists. At the Bartenbach LichtLabor a department for perception psychology is established which has already carried out many international research projects. Contacts via different projects with the leading light impact researchers all over the world are existing, including also a multi-disciplinary approach with research partners from different fields (medicine, industry and ergonomics).
BB will also bring its long-term-R&D experience in luminaire development for the development of four LED projectors, starting from the concept phase up to functional sample.


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