SkyCoat is a very ambitious project which gathers and joins expertise and competences from many different fields: physics and optics, lighting technologies, advanced optics components, nano-materials, chemistry and specialized industrial chemical processes, materials sciences, standards and regulations for products safety, environmental sustainability and human health, engineering, architecture and light design, construction of public spaces, underground and transport areas and residential buildings, visual representation and advanced visual rendering, communications and promotions to stakeholders. The Consortium members were therefore carefully chosen, in order to ensure that all critical competencies required for the development of the SkyCoat materials and of the SkyCoat solutions are in place and also that a sound demonstration and promotional strategy is built through appealing breakthrough architecture installations. We also ensured that the Consortium will have the business competence to ensure a successful commercialization of the project outcomes. As such the SkyCoat Consortium is an outstanding example of multi-sector collaboration between research excellence institutions, large corporation, national industries and SMEs from six European Countries. But the main asset of the Consortium is the high level of commitment and the exceptional enthusiasm of all participants in joining such a challenging and innovation-driven research: the combination of technical and scientific excellence and enthusiasm will allow for building a very strong work team.
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